Payment & Delivery

Congratulations to the winners!


Here’s how we’ll do this thing:

If you are the winning bid at the close of the auction, you should receive a congratulatory email and instructions to mail a “cheque” to my address. For those of you that live in the Asheville or Knoxville area, you can pay when we next see each other if you’d like, and I’ll have your painting prizes ready for you. (I’ll plan to make some ’rounds’ very soon).

For those of you in far off places, once I’ve received payment, I’ll email you that I have received it, and then ship you your painting and follow up with tracking code for you.

One other thing


When the Auction closes at 9pm (EST) on Sunday evening (May 31), the listings will just disappear. You’ll know you won if you receive an email, but you won’t know that you lost… I’ll post the winners and winning bids on the page as soon after 9pm as possible so you will know one way or the other.